About Us

Becky Wasserman & Co was founded in 1979 by Becky Wasserman-Hone, an American expatriate who has lived in Burgundy since 1968. Our company exports wines from small domaines and shippers in Burgundy and other regions who honour their appellations. We do not endorse any single method of vinification or an “ideal” type of wine.

The company has a team of seven, four who sell, three who administer. We lunch together in the office, we all are enthusiastic eaters, we often taste wines which may enter into our portfolio. We follow a simple rule: “If we won't drink it, we won't sell it”.

Wine is more than a commodity to us. We have gone through many highs and lows and none of us would be working here if we didn't believe that wine eases and embellishes peoples' lives. We hope that our Website fulfills its ambition to be informative, educational, provocative, and amusing. Sante!

  1. Team directory

    1. Becky Wasserman HoneFounder, Co-Director

    2. Dominique Tard-RouxCo-director, CFO

    3. Carolyn Bennett-JolySales Director

    4. Russell HoneUK Sales, Aubergiste

    5. Peter WassermanUS Sales: East Coast, Midwest, South

    6. Paul WassermanUS Sales: West Coast, Mountain States

    7. Danielle HammonSales, Communications

    8. Soizic Pinczon du SelAdministration, Logistics

    9. Lizé AaronGeneral Assistant, Scheduling

    10. Colleen HarbourAdministrative Assistant